Below is a list of supporters:

Community Leaders
Dan Fowler, Former Oregon City Mayor
Craig Roberts, Clackamas County Sheriff
Larry Moseley, Oregon City
Traci Hensley, Canby City Council
Coach Brad Smith, Oregon City
Paul Carlson, former Canby Chamber President
Randy Carson, former Canby Mayor
Don Slack, Oregon City Business Person
Walt Daniels, past Canby City Council President
Vic Gilliam, State Representative
Terry Aarnio, Business Owner
Fred Girod, State Senator
Duff Main, past Oregon City School Board Member
Wayne Scott, past State Representative
Hope Loose, Oregon City
Shirley Lyons, Mulino
Trey Carskadon, Fisheries advocate
Roger Reif, Canby
Dr Bill Elliott, Oregon City
Roy Jay, Youth Advocate
Larry Hansen, past Clackamas County Fair Board Member
Tony Helbling, past Canby City Councilor
Rose Holden, Oregon City Business Owner
Elaine Krause, Advocate for Mentally Ill
Thomas Joseph, Small Businessman
Shirley Morgan, Community Activist
Pat Detloff, past Clackamas County Sheriff
Norm Andreen, Beavercreek Hamlet Member
James Bean, Oregon City
Blane Meier, Oregon City Small Business owner
Gary Spanovich, Peace Institute
Phil Moyer, Sandy City Councilor
Rhonda Dimick, County Fair Board
Liz Hamilton, Fisheries advocate
Richard Oathes, Clackamas Community College Board Member
Lou Ogden, Tualatin Mayor
Larry Sowa, past Clackamas County Commissioner
Dr Mike Vissars, past Canby Chamber President
Patti Smith, Former State Representative
Gay Kuykendall, Canby education advocate
Sandy Ricksger, past Canby School Board and Teacher
Rob Wheeler, past Happy Valley Mayor
Mark Webber, past Canby Chamber President
Dr Terry Isom, Redland
Chris Storey, Oregon City School Board
Brian Hodson, Canby Mayor
Pam Bloom, Oregon City
Tom Scott, Canby School Board Member
Lori DeRemer, Happy Valley Mayor
Michael Wagner, Hamlet of Mulino
Bryant Fraley, Oregon City School Board
Jim Syring, Damascus
Jerry Turner, Oregon City business owner
Ed Allick, Former Oregon City Mayor
Gina Bennett, Canby business owner
Don Anderson, past Oregon City Mayor
Ryan Oliver, Canby business owner
Linda Neace, Gladstone City Council
Punky Scott, the Bomber
Jerry Herrmann, conservationist
Tim Dale, Canby City Council
Chris Hawes, Damascus
Patrick Sheehan, past State Representative
Wayne Hamersly, Milwaukie
Chuck Thomsen, State Senator
Gary Linton, County Fair Board
Brent Dodrell, Estacada Mayor
Scott Bruun, past State Representative
Craig Danielson, area Business person
Ernie Platt, Damascus
Frank Magdlen, County Budget Member
Evon Tekorius, Oregon City School Board
John Davis, State Representative
Raeline Kammeyer, County Fair Board

Respected Organizations:
Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens
Oregon Nurses
National Electrical Contractors
Northwest Sportsfishing Industry
Oregonians for Food and Shelter
Oregon Farm Bureau
Taxpayers Association of Oregon
Agriculture AG-PAC
Oregon Loggers
Clackamas County Farm Bureau
Oregon Realtors
Amalgamated Transit Union
Coalition for a Healthy Oregon
Oregon Anti-Crime League
Oregon Forest Industries
Doctors for Health Communities
Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
Oregon Council of Police Associations
Oregon Cattlemen’s Association
Oregon Corrections Employees
Ironworkers Local 29
Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association
Oregon Health Care
Oregon Trucking Association
Oregon Police Chiefs Association
Associated General Contractors
Oregon Association of Nurseries
North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce
Oregon State Police Officers Association
Oregon State Fire Fighters
Alliance for Kids
Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Association
District Council of Laborers
Oregon Pulp & Paper Workers
Oregon Iron Workers
Oregon Family Council
Oregon Alliance for Senior Health Services

Community Supporters:
Karin Morey, Oregon City
Ronda Stone, Canby
Bill Anton, Oregon City
Ken Baysinger Oregon City
Eric Dye, Oregon City
Joanne Lisac, Oregon City
Joan Johnson, Canby
Karen Blaha, Oregon City
Steve Notman, Oregon City
Dan Onion, Canby
William LaCrosse, Beavercreek
Dennis Mills, Oregon City
Sally Douglas, Canby
Scott Edwards, Oregon City
Bill Pendarvis, Happy Valley
Andrew Ulven, Aurora
Keith Galitz, Canby
Tom Hester, Oregon City
Patrick Harmon, Canby
Joe Domenico
Jim Dierking, Oregon City
John Loughlin, Oregon City
Ron Brown, Oregon City
Jackie Hammond-Williams, Oregon City
Pat Duchien, Canby
Suzette Meier, Oregon City
Doris Beck, Canby
Guy Evoniuk, Oregon City
Jarret Hamstreet, Canby
Ruth Sowa, Oregon City
Paul Kraxberger, Canby
Steve Morrow, Beavercreek
Ron Rohde, Oregon City
Pat Smith, Canby
Sandy Sumner, Molalla
Rebecca Thomas, Oregon City
Mickey Hughes, Oregon City
Larry Beck, Canby
Geri Bitz, Mulino
Wendell White, Oregon City
Bert Aus, Canby
Randy Bradbury, Oregon City
Tom Dressel, Oregon City
Rose Brown, Oregon City
Bob Johnson, Canby
Bob Rinkes, Oregon City
Jerry Carlton, Oregon City
Sue Carson, Canby
Charlotte Cook, Oregon City
Dan Cook, Oregon City
Candice Detloff, Oregon City
Karen Duchien, Canby
Kim Dye, Oregon City

Cheryl Croft Bennett, Oregon
Annette Engle, Oregon City
Ron Engle, Oregon City
Randy Scott, Canby
Jack Ewing, Oregon City
Georgia Hoover, Canby
Tim Gilmer, Oregon City
Ken Goudy, Oregon City
Barb Halverson, Oregon City
Kathy Oathes, Canby
Doug Loose
Rick Sovereign, Oregon City
Chuck Peterson
Dr. Norm Stewart, Oregon City
Tom Rahn, Canby
Lucas Kidwell, Oregon City
Mike Siebers, Oregon City
Judi Aus, Canby
Don Augenbaugh, Oregon City
Lois Bain, Oregon City
Cherie McGinnis, Oregon City
Andrew Hamstreet, Canby
Kevin Boyd, Oregon City
Jim Thompkins, Oregon City
Dr Kordell Kennemer, Oregon City
Glenda Hamstreet, Canby
Rick Thomas, Oregon City
Don Vedder, Oregon City
Pete Postlewait, Canby
Connie Loop, Oregon City
Jim Irvine, Damascus
Tom Harrison, Oregon City
Dr Anne-Marie Smith, Oregon City
Matt Hamstreet, Canby
Norm Ritchie, Oregon City
D.A. Hilderbrand, Oregon City
Marge Hughes, Oregon City
Amy Soverign, Oregon City
Jennifer Isom, Redland
Dave Hoover, Canby
Charlotte Cook, Oregon City
Bre Kidwell, Oregon City
Gary Linton, Oregon City
Shelley Vissers, Canby
Mike Lisac, Oregon City
Pam Mills, Oregon City
Wayne Guild, Canby
Meghan Rollins Rodarte, Redland
Linda Baysinger, Oregon City
Brenda Morrow, Beavercreek
Mary Elle, Oregon City
Gary Ernst, Oregon City
Larry Harkcom, Oregon City
Laura Notman, Oregon City
Lynn Onion, Canby
Carol Pauli, Oregon City
Hazel Broderick, Oregon City
Vicki Pearse, Oregon City
Marlene Scott, Canby
Doug Smith, Canby
Carol Bobo, Oregon City
Kae Schmidt, Oregon City
Steve Elle, Oregon City
Cheryl Rahn, Canby
Pam Shamp, Oregon City
Thor Wegner, Oregon City
Carole Risley, Canby
R Hunter Leigh, Oregon City
David Koch, Canby
Bruce Hanson, Oregon City
David Kruse, Gladstone
Matt Gloege, Oregon City
Milo Haas, Oregon City
MaryBeth Irvine, Damascus
John Hill, Oregon City
Doug Onion, Canby
Ron Haas, Oregon City
Irene Tegler, Milwaukie
Dustin Mayfield, Canby
Steve Dorn, Oregon City
Karen Hill, Oregon City
Keith Murphy, Canby
Jim Riggle, Oregon City
Andy VanGorder, Canby
Tom Geil, Oregon City
Maureen Turner, Oregon City
Linda Adkison, Canby
Brenda Scott, Canby
Mark Hettervig, Springwater area
Christine Brooks-Larson
Jilda Danielson, Oregon City