Rep. Kennemer Protests U of O Contracting Changes and Small Business Impacts

Salem, OR—On the House floor today, Rep. Bill Kennemer (R-Oregon City) spoke out about proposed contracting changes by the University of Oregon that threaten small businesses throughout the state.

On May 31, the university’s marketing and brand management office sent a request for proposal to all of its apparel licensees, many of which are small businesses.

“The new process sets an unattainable target for all except the largest national companies,” Rep. Kennemer said, quoting an excerpt from an Oregonian article on the subject.

As many as 400 companies could be affected by the change, including T-Line Design, a small firm based in Canby.

T-Line Design has done business with the university for 12 years, and stands to lose 10 percent of its revenue due to the possible contracting changes. Another, Eugene-based Triangle Graphics, has done business with the university for two decades and stands to lose up to 25 percent of its revenue.

“This move has the potential to suppress competition and will lead to the immediate loss of jobs in hard-hit areas,” Rep. Kennemer said. “That will result in lost revenue for critical government services and undermines our fragile economic recovery. I am very disappointed with this short-sighted way of treating Oregon businesses and Oregon taxpayers.”